Is Hamburger A Sandwich? [The Grand Debate!]

Is Hamburger a sandwich? Well, this grand debate has ensued for centuries. Some prefer to call it a version of a sandwich and some beg to differ and claim that it has a categorization of its own.

Although, a sandwich is loosely defined as meat held between two or more slices of bread. Thus, technically speaking a hamburger is a sandwich. However, it is more complicated than to simply call it a sandwich. There are many elements that differ from a sandwich.

In this article, we shall look into the reasons that make a hamburger a sandwich and the reasons that classify it as a different category altogether. Also, what are the major differences between a burger and a sandwich?

Is A Hamburger A Sandwich – Yes Or No?

A hamburger is technically a sandwich as it has meat sandwiched between two layers of sliced bread. It can be easily understood as ‘All Hamburgers are sandwiches, however, not all sandwiches are hamburgers’.

By definition referring to all hot dogs and burgers as a sandwich is proper, it is not done so. Not referring to hamburgers and hot dogs as sandwiches allow ease of understanding and clarity about the kind of dish that is being talked about.

Hamburgers and hotdogs both have meat stuffed into them and have two or more ingredients that accompany it to enhance the taste, and flavor and add a layer of texture to the dish. However, there are a fe other elements that differ and thus one is tempted to classify them separately.

Why is a Hamburger, Not A Sandwich?

There are quite a few reasons that do not classify a hamburger as a sandwich such as:

  1. The bread used – hamburgers use round buns called burger buns, whereas a sandwich bread is usually square in shape although it does not specify the shape of bread that is to be used. Also, long baguette-style bread and rectangular panini-styled slices of bread can also be used.
  2. They are almost sprinkled with white sesame seeds and at times even black sesame seeds as well. Which is not so for sandwiches.
  3. The burger consists of meat that is turned into a round patty, which is mostly fried, shallow fried, or grilled. Sandwiches can use a variety of styled meats.
  4. Hamburgers buns aren’t grilled, unlike sandwiches which may or may not be grilled depending on the preferences of each one.
  5. Sandwiches can be open-faced – meaning having no bread on the meat and ingredients to sandwich them, however, a burger has to have the burger bun on top which is an essential element to the burger itself as it consists of sesame seeds that add texture, flavor, and crunch. Also, the bread on top is essential to balance out the flavors that go into the bread. Also, it brings in a balance to the bread-to-meat ratio.

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Burger vs Sandwich

The following table gives us a better understanding of the difference between a burger and a sandwich. This will enable us to know why it is commonly preferred to call a burger, a burger and not a sandwich, although technically all burgers are sandwiches.

Sr. No.BurgerSandwich
1.It is made by sandwiching meat patty between round buns called burger buns.It is a sandwich with meat or meat patty between two slices of bread.
2.The use of specific bread buns with sesame seeds sprinkled on top makes a burger.Square slices of bread, foot-long bread, or other shapes can be used. There is no specific shape of bread. However, circular sandwiches are uncommon and almost always make use of burger buns making them into burgers.
3.A burger almost always consists of meat that has been deep-fried or shallow-fried or baked in an oven in a form of a patty.Any form of meat can be used in a sandwich, processed meats, or meats with mild gravy or pot roasted meat.
4.The kind of patty that is put into the burger defines the burger. A chicken patty is called a chicken burger, whereas a vegetable patty will make it a vegetable burger.A sandwich can consist of two or more meats clubbed together between two or more slices of bread.
5.Almost always burgers are accompanied by French fries.Sandwiches can be accompanied with French fries or potato chips or they may be skipped altogether, as they aren’t an essential accompaniment to the dish.
6.The burger is not grilled and is served as is.A sandwich can be served as is as well grilled or toasted with some butter unlike the burger.

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