How to Cut a Pizza into 6 Slices! [Easy Tips and Tricks!]

One of the most common ways to slice a pizza is slicing it into 6 slices. It is not easy to slice a pizza into 6 slices compared to 8 or 12 slices, where you cut them into halves. You have a group of friends over and would like to slice a pizza into six slices. What do you do?

Pizza can be cut into 6 equal slices by cutting the pie into halves and then diagonally in an ‘X’ shape. The slices will be at an angle of 60 degrees each. To cut accurate slices you can use pizza-cutting tools such as a pizza protractor, or a pizza cutting board with markings for 6 slices.

In this article, we shall look at two different ways to slice a pizza into 6 pieces.

Ways to slice a pizza into 6 pieces

There are two ways to cut a pizza into 6 slices – equally and unequally. There are a few methods that we can use to cut equal slices. We can either make estimated slices that are almost equal to each other or if you are good at geometry cutting slices at a 60-degree angle will yield 6 slices of pizza that are equal to each other.

Pizza Protractor can be used to get hassle-free slices or if you aren’t particular about getting slices into triangles cutting them into rectangles is also an option to get 6 slices.

Let us look at some of the ways that will guide you to a pizza in 6 slices.

1. Getting 6 Equal slices

Using a Pizza Wheel or a Chef’s Knife

  1. Using a Pizza cutter start cutting the pizza into two halves.
  2. On one half of the pie start cutting diagonally in such a way that it will divide the half into thirds. Extend the line to the second half of the pie.
  3. Create another diagonal line starting from the second half of the pie to the first one.

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Using a Pizza Protractor:

Pizza Protractors are special cutters that have angles inbuilt into them. They mostly allow you to make 6 or 8 slices in a pizza pie. They have angles marked for 6 slices on one side and 8 slices on the reverse.

Steps to cut a pizza into 6 equal slices using a pizza protractor:

  1. Select the protractor side which indicates markings for 6 slices.
  2. Place the protractor 1 inch above the pizza and make markings on the pizza to cut slices.

Getting 6 Unequal Slices:

Alternatively, if you are not very particular about getting equal slices. You can even cut the pizza into halves and then cut by making two parallel lines. This method does not yield equal slices however, you can make them proportionately similar to each other. This way is one the easiest ways to get six slices.

Steps to get 6 unequal slices of pizza:

  1. Divide the pizza into two equal halves using a pizza wheel, chef’s knife, or pizza scissors.
  2. Estimate the center of the pizza like you would cut it into 4 slices equally. Make two parallel cuts on either side of the estimated line.

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Baking the Pizza into a Rectangle to get 6 slices

If you are making homemade pizza then the dough is your canvas. You can make a rectangular-shaped dough and bake it in suitable pans. Rectangular-shaped pizzas aren’t as common as circular ones, however, they are made in parts of the country due to the ease of making them.

Rectangular pizzas are commonly made in Detroit. Also, called the Detroit style. However, they do have a deeper and thicker crust.

Homemade pizza can be baked into a rectangle and easily cut into 6 equal square slices.

Calories In Each Bite When A Pizza Is Cut Into 7 Equal Slices

The following table gives you an approximation of the calories that are there in pizzas of various sizes of a traditional pepperoni pizza. Also, an approximation of calories in 1 slice when the pizza is cut into 6 equal slices.

Size of the Pizza (inches)Average Calories in a PizzaAverage Calories in 1 slice if the pizza is cut equally at a 60-degree angle into 6 slices
8 inch912152
10 inch1450241
12 inch1680280
14 inch2647441
16 inch3600600
18 inch4680780
20 inch5040840
22 inch60001000
24 inch66001100

The above table shows an approximation of the calories. However, it also depends on what are the topping and the amount of cheese that has been used for the pizza.

Pro Tips To Cut A Pizza Perfectly:

  1. Use sharp cutting tools that help to make slices easily such as Chef’s knife, Pizza Knife, Pizza Scissors, etc.
  2. Using a Pizza wheel is one of the most popular ways of cutting tools. To get neat and clean slices and not let the cheese stick to the wheel, move the wheel back and forth.
  3. The best time to cut a pizza is when it is out of the oven but hasn’t totally cooled. Wait for 2- 3 minutes before cutting as the pizza is super hot. You need the pizza to be cooler if you are using Pizza scissors.
  4. If you aren’t very confident about cutting slices, make markings on the dough before popping it in the oven.

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