Should You Put Egg in Mac and Cheese? [Here’s What to Do!]

Eggs are not always a part of Mac and Cheese. The original recipe of the dish contained only three ingredients – macaroni, cheese, and butter layered together and baked in an oven.

The Classic Southern style Mac and Cheese recipe accepts the use of eggs to make an excellent custard for the dish. However, others prefer eggs with a combination of evaporated milk to make them creamier and achieve a grainy texture.

Generally speaking, adding eggs to Mac and Cheese is not required. However, adding eggs creates an emulsion that helps to make a smooth, creamy sauce. Eggs also give better texture, add a depth of flavor, and make the dish creamier. Baked and stovetop recipes allow the addition of eggs.

Now that you have decided to add eggs, it is also essential to know how and when to put the eggs in the recipe as you run the risk of curdling them.

When to Put Egg in Mac and Cheese?

Eggs are used in the stovetop version as well as the baked version of Mac and Cheese. In both versions, eggs are mixed in a separate bowl with milk, cheese, and seasonings. This mixture is added directly to the cooked macaroni and cooked slowly and evenly. 

However, some recipes require you to make a basic bechamel sauce and add the seasonings. Lastly, the eggs are tempered in milk. This process is done on the stovetop, and the hot sauce is added to the recipe and cooked further. 

How Many Eggs Should I put in Mac and Cheese?

Roughly two large eggs are used for 1 pound of dry macaroni. However, this is not a rule. If using small eggs, three eggs can also be used. Many recipes use only one egg. If you don’t want the eggs to scramble, use 5-6 egg yolks instead of two eggs. Then use them in the recipe after tempering them with milk. 

The number of eggs to be added purely depends on your taste and preference, but one has to be careful enough not to overdo the eggs in the recipe as the eggs will get scrambled, or the dish will taste too eggy.

Do Eggs Thicken Mac and Cheese?

Yes, adding a couple of egg yolks to your Mac and Cheese will thicken the dish.

It’s an easy way to get a creamier and cheesy flavor. However, it would be best if you did not use more than required as it will make the dish taste funny and eggy. Also, overdoing eggs in the recipe will ruin the custard by making it curdle faster.

Can You Make Baked Mac and Cheese without Eggs?

If you don’t like eggs, are allergic to them, or are scared not to run the risk and curdle them while cooking, then you may exclude the addition of eggs in the recipe.

Mostly the Southern recipes of Mac and Cheese are the ones that make the additional use of eggs. However, many people prefer their Mac and Cheese to be smooth and creamy and go with the option of using roux or bechamel sauce instead.

Bechamel Sauce is added with cheese, mostly cheddar, to make a silky-smooth sauce called Mornay Sauce. You can use any cheese to make Mornay Sauce, even a combination of your preferred cheese. Making Mac and Cheese with only cheddar cheese can be grainy. 

Cheese such as Gruyere, Fontina, Smoked Cheddar, Monterey Jack, American Cheese, Parmesan, Brie, and Smoked Gouda are favorites. 

Can I Add Eggs to a Kraft dinner? 

Eggs are an excellent addition to your boxed KD. Also, they are the most uncomplicated and hassle-free addition to your KD. You need not cook them over a stovetop. They can be quickly cooked in the microwave with a tablespoon of milk. Cook your KD as per the instructions on the package. 

Another great way to make your KD creamier is by substituting half the water with milk

How Do You Keep Eggs from Scrambling in Mac and Cheese?

Eggs need to be tempered before adding them to macaroni.

Eggs tend to curdle at high temperatures and if cooked too fast. The easiest way to prevent the eggs from getting scrambled when they are added to thickened hot sauce is to warm them slowly. After the egg mix is warm, add it to the bechamel sauce mix. 

This mix can then be used in the baked version or cooked further on the stovetop. 

How Do You Temper Eggs in Mac and Cheese?

To temper eggs, drizzle the hot milk into the eggs slowly. It’s crucial to mix continuously and vigorously so that the eggs are constantly moving. This process raises the temperature of the eggs gradually and evenly, which keeps them from cooking. 

The tempered eggs are then further mixed with cheese and other seasonings. 

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