4 Different Ways to Cut a Pizza into 3 Slices? [With Calories!]

Ever wondered why would you want to cut a pizza into 3 slices? Might be there is a group of three that wants to share a slice each. Probably you would like to get more out of one bite and save the rest for later.

Whatever the reason you choose to cut your pizza into 3 slices. There are different and easy ways to do so.

A pizza can be cut into three slices by making two parallel lines across the pie or cutting into two halves and splitting one half into two. However, to get three equal slices you will have to cut the pizza pie at an angle of 120 degrees.

In this article, we shall understand why should you cut a pizza into 3 slices and how to do so. Also, look at some of the different pizza-cutting tools that allow you to do this.

What is 1/3 of a Pizza?

1/3 or one-third of a pizza is basically dividing the pizza pie into three equal parts. 1/3 is a mathematical representation of pizza split into three equal parts where one part out of the three parts is selected.

Every slice in the pie will be at an angle of 120 degrees when you cut the pizza in third. It is equal to cutting a round shaped pie into 6 slices. Here the angle of each slice is 60 degrees. But, when we combine the slices into pairs we are essentially getting a third of a pizza.

How do you cut a round pizza equally into thirds or 3 slices?

Following is a step-by-step process of cutting a pizza pie into third:

  1. Start by cutting a pie like you would cut it into halves and stop when are at the center of the pie. However, continue an imaginary line till the end like you would have while dividing the pie into half and making a mark or a cut.
  2. Then measure the distance between the center and the circumference of the pie. This is called the radius of a circle in this case a pie.
  3. On the opposite side of the pie where you have put the mark. Make marks on both sides that are of the same length as the radius.
  4. From the marks at both ends cut the pizza till it meets the center. Thus, you have three equal slices of pizza with all of them having an angle of 120 degrees which when multiplied by the 3 pieces you have cut comes to 360 degrees, which is a whole pizza pie.

Alternatively, you can even use the following method to cut a pizza pie equally.

  1. Start by making cuts or inserting toothpicks as a guide to divide the pie into 4 equal parts.
  2. Then on one half of the pie make 2 more cuts dividing the quarter slices into halves. For reference, we shall call these points A and B.
  3. Once you have marked the cuts or placed toothpicks for reference, you can start cutting your pie.
  4. Start cutting as if you are cutting the pie into halves and stop when you reach the center. they cut the pie from points A and B till you reach the center.

The following table shows the calories in a slice of traditional pepperoni pizza when it is sliced into one-third.

Size of the Pizza (inches)Average Calories in a PizzaAverage Calories in 1 slice if the pizza is cut equally at a 120-degree angle into 3 slices
8 inch912304
10 inch1450483
12 inch1680560
14 inch2647882
16 inch36001200
18 inch46801560
20 inch50401680
22 inch60002000
24 inch66002200

Different Ways To Cut A Pizza into 3 unequal Slices

If you aren’t very particular about getting three equal slices of pizza then here are some more options that you have.

Cutting the pie by making two parallel lines

You can simply get unequal slices of a pizza pie by cutting two parallel lines which run parallel to the centre of the pizza on both sides. This is one of the easiest ways to get 3 slices. However, they will not be equal.

Cutting one piece into a triangle

For this simply mark a point on one side of the pizza, preferably at the centre. Make a cut diagonally to the other side. Make another cut from the point diagonally to the other side. What you get are 3 pieces, with one triangle shaped piece.

Cutting into Half and then into Half again

This is basically like cutting the pie into quarters, except that you don’t cut one half. Now, you get 3 slices. Alernatively, this can also be done by making a cut parallel to the central line so that when you cut the pie into quarters they slices aren’t very small.

You can use this method to get almost equal sizes proportionately.

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Is 3 slices of a pizza Normal?

Three slice of Pizza might sound like an unusual choice. As, most pizza shops like to cut them into even numbers. 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 slices of pizza are most commonly done.

However, there is no rule against any odd number of slices that can not be cut in a pizza. It is mostly a personal preference or a choice when there might be odd number of people.

Generally speaking 3 slices of a pizza can be done if there are 3 people and would like to share the pie equally. Also, you have ordered a medium or large pizza and would want a bigger bite than a quarter slice of a pizza.

Cutting into a third you will have a bigger portion compared to a quarter size and thus you have the rest of the pie later instead of having half a pizza or cutting the pizza into 6 slices. Having a third of a pie allows you to have lesser calories compared to having 2 quarter slices.

Tools That Help You To Cut A Pizza Easily :

  1. Chef’s Knife
  2. Pizza Wheel Cutter
  3. Pizza Knife
  4. Pizza Cutting Board
  5. Pizza Cutting Scissors
  6. Pizza Guide

Pro Tips To Cut A Pizza Perfectly:

  1. Use sharp cutting tools that help to make slices easily such as Chef’s knife, Pizza Knife, Pizza Scissors, etc.
  2. Using a Pizza wheel is one of the most popular ways of cutting tools. To get neat and clean slices and not let the cheese stick to the wheel, move the wheel back and forth. Also, since you are using a pizza wheel the best time is to cut the pizza when it is fresh out of the oven.
  3. The best time to cut a pizza is when it is out of the oven but hasn’t totally cooled. Wait for 2- 3 minutes before cutting as the pizza is super hot. You need the pizza to be cooler if you are using Pizza scissors.
  4. If you aren’t very confident about cutting slices, make markings on the dough before popping it in the oven.

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