How to Cut a Pizza into 7 Slices? [ 7 Easy Ways You Need To Know!]

There can be varied reasons why you would want to slice a pizza into 7 slices. You would like to get bigger slices than distributing it into 8 portions. Probably, you have different choices of toppings in your pizza and would like to slice them as per your choice. Or, simply you have 7 friends over at your place and would like to get a slice of pizza per person.

Wondering how to get go about doing it?

It’s not as difficult as you think it is. Following are a few simple ways to easily cut a pizza into 7 slices.

A pizza can be easily cut into 7 slices by reducing the amount per slice while cutting a pizza in 6 or by cutting a slice first and then dividing the rest of the pizza in 6 slices. You can also divide the pizza into halves and cut four slices on the first half and 3 slices on the other half.

In this article, we shall look into the methods that will help you to cut a pizza however big or small into 7 different slices. Also, look into some of the tools that will help you to slice a pizza easily!

Different Ways that a Pizza can be cut into 7 Slices:

First and the most important decision is to be clear if you want to get equal slices or unequal slices. This will mostly depend on the preference of the group or the choice of toppings that are there. However, given below are different methods that you can choose according to your preference and they allow you to cut the portions equally or of various proportions.

1. Getting almost 7 equal slices:

The easiest way is to roughly eyeball every slice. Although this method takes a little understanding.

Following are the steps to roughly get 7 equal slices.

  1. Prepare to divide the pizza in Half.
  2. Mark the top and bottom of the pizza that will divide it into halves.
  3. On any one of the halves make two points above and below the center line, that is at a distance from the center of the pizza. Roughly at a 30 degrees angle from the center.
  4. Start cutting the pizza to the center then cut at an angle above and below the central line which cuts the pizza into halves.
  5. Cut the remaining two portions into 3 slices on each side.

The method helps you in getting a slice and then dividing the remaining two portions of the pizza into roughly 3 equal slices to get 6 more slices.

2. Shifting the Centre point of the pizza

Another easy trick to get 7 slices of pizza is to shift the center of the pizza to one side by an inch or two depending on the size of the pizza. This does not give slices that look equal but proportionately most slices will more or less be equal.

  1. Determine the center of the pizza.
  2. Shift the center of the pizza by 1 or 2 inches(depending on the size of the pizza).
  3. Now make a central line that divides the pizza into halves. The cut of the pizza should start from the longer end until the center.
  4. Cut a triangle with approximately 60-degree angle at the shorter end.
  5. Divide the rest of the portions of the pizza equally to get 6 slices starting from the center.

3. Getting 2 big slices and 5 equal slices

If you do not mind some portions being unequal in a pizza then the above method is one of the easiest methods. As it involves dividing the pie into halves and getting 4 slices in one half and 3 slices in the other.

  1. Divide the pizza into halves equally.
  2. Take one half of the pizza and divide it into half, so that you have two quarters.
  3. Further, divide the two quarters into halves. To get 4 slices.
  4. Divide the second half of the pizza into thirds, to get 3 slices.
  5. The above method helps you get 4 slices of one size and another 3 slices that are similar to each other.

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4. Using the ‘W’ method to cut:

The W method as I like to call it. Helps you get most of the slices equally and 1 slice that is smaller. This method looks a little complicated at first but is easy once you have understood where to begin.

  1. Determine the central line of the pie that divides it into equal halves. Make a triangle in the center of the pizza which will help provide you with the base of the W shape.
  2. Extend parallel lines on both sides of the triangle.
  3. Extend 2 lines from the base of the triangle downwards.
  4. The above method gives you 7 slices of pizza.

5. Using the ‘Y’ Method

  1. Make 2 parallel lines on the pizza as shown in the image.
  2. Divide the biggest portion of the pie into three slices.
  3. From the tip of the V, the shape makes a line such that it divides the two parallel halves of the pizza into 4 portions.

6. Using a protractor

Using a protractor as a guide to cut pizza at equal angles is an easy way to do it. You can also use a circular protractor with a pointer as shown above. This method will help you get each pizza slice exactly the same dimensions.

Pizza Protractors such as this which are also cutters are available that allow you to easily get 6 or 8 slices.

Protractors mainly use fractions to determine the angle at which each slice needs to be cut. You can determine the angle by dividing the degrees of the circle by 7.

Degrees of a circle = 360
Number of slices = 7
Thus, 360/7 = 51.4

Thus essentially any size to be divided equally into 7 slices has to be cut at 51 degrees.

Following is the table for reference while dividing various sizes of pizza at 51 degrees. This table will help you to understand the size of every slice of pizza that you will get.

Size of the Pizza (inches)Degree of the angle for 7 slicesLength of the Arc in a slice of pizza (cms)Length of the chord i.e. the size of the slice (cms)
8 inch517.186.94
10 inch518.988.68
12 inch5110.7710.41
14 inch5112.5712.15
16 inch5114.3613.88
18 inch5116.1615.62
20 inch5117.9517.36
22 inch5119.7519.09
24 inch5121.5420.83

7. Using a pizza Cutting Board

Using a pizza cutting board that has markings on it can be used as a guide to cut into 7 slices. Any of the above methods can be implemented easily on this tool.

If you do not have a pizza cutting board with markings on it you can make small markings on the circumference of the board as a guide.

Calories In Each Bite When A Pizza Is Cut Into 7 Equal Slices

The following table gives you an approximation of the calories that are there in pizzas of various sizes of a traditional pepperoni pizza. Also, an approximation of calories in 1 slice when the pizza is cut into 7 equal slices.

Size of the Pizza (inches)Average Calories in a PizzaAverage Calories in 1 slice if the pizza is cut equally at 51-degree angle into 7 slices
8 inch912130
10 inch1450207
12 inch1680240
14 inch2647378
16 inch3600514
18 inch4680668
20 inch5040720
22 inch6000857
24 inch6600942

Pro Tips To Cut A Pizza Perfectly:

  1. Use sharp cutting tools that help to make slices easily such as Chef’s knife, Pizza Knife, Pizza Scissors, etc.
  2. Using a Pizza wheel is one of the most popular ways of cutting tools. To get neat and clean slices and not let the cheese stick to the wheel, move the wheel back and forth.
  3. The best time to cut a pizza is when it is out of the oven but hasn’t totally cooled. Wait for 2- 3 minutes before cutting as the pizza is super hot. You need the pizza to be cooler if you are using Pizza scissors.
  4. If you aren’t very confident about cutting slices, make markings on the dough before popping it in the oven.

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