blender vs nutribullet [10 differences You Should Know]

So you already have a blender and you are wondering if buying a nutribullet is going to serve you any better. Is it going to waste some more cash and some countertop space? Or, is it going to add any value? What is the difference between a blender and a nutribullet?

A blender is a multifunctional appliance that can grind, mix and puree. Most blenders, except professional blenders, aren’t capable of blending ingredients in a smooth puree. Whereas, nutriblenders are designed to blend fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and even ice into a smooth, consistent paste.

In this post, we aim to tell you some of the major differences between a blender and a nutribullet. And, why investing in a nutribullet could be one of the best decisions you might have taken, especially if you plan to start your smoothie journey soon.

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Difference between a Blender and a Nutribullet:

Let’s get straight to the key differences between a blender and a nutribullet before I answer some of your other questions related to the two gadgets!

Listed Below are the differences between a blender and a nutribullet.

Sr. No.BlenderNutribullet
1.It is big in size compared to a nutribullet. Most blenders can hold around 64 ounces.It is a single-use personal blender that holds small amounts of food, about 30 ounces.
2.They can make more cups as they are large.It can make about 1 – 2 cups f juice or a smoothie.
3.Blenders vary in size, functions, features, and capacity.Nutribullets have a particular shape, size, features, and capacity.
4.It isn’t easy to choose a blender; you must compare various blenders to choose the one best suited to your needs.It is easy to choose a nutribullet once you look into the features.
5.Blenders have various functions and speed settings. Thus, you have to decide which is the best setting according to your soup or smoothie.Nutribullets are easy to use as they are designed to blend fruits and vegetables at high speeds.
6.Blenders have big jars with blades inside them, which makes them a little difficult to clean compared to a nutribullet. Also, blenders do have an auto-clean function which involves filling them and pulsing them at various settings.It is easy to clean. As, well as carry them on the go, by just putting the jar of the lid
7.All blenders are not well suited for making a smooth, silky, consistent puree as either they need better blades or a good motor. Also, they are multifunctional, and some functions score better the others. Blenders cannot blend frozen fruit at all, it becomes lumpy.It is a good option for getting well-blended smoothies. In fact, nutribullets can blend frozen fruit effectively, the result is a thick uniform puree.
8.For a good quality blender, you will need to buy a professional blender which is expensive as most of them cost above 100 $.Nutribullets are less expensive compared to professional blenders. Good nutribullet costs between 75 – 100 $.
9.All blenders aren’t good at pulverizing nuts and small seeds, you need a good quality grinder.Nutribullets are effective in pulverizing nuts and seeds.
10.Most blenders can crush ice cubes effectively.Nutribullets can also crush ice cubes effectively

Is NutriBullet The Same As A Blender?

Nutribullet is the same as a blender. The major difference is in their size. Therefore, they are also known as single-serve blenders or Personal blenders. Nutribullet is designed as a way to blend fruits and vegetables in a smooth consistent puree.

They are also great at blending ice cubes into a snowy consistency for your smoothies. Also, frozen fruit blends in the best way in a nutribullet. Another great feature of a nutribullet is that once you are done blending a smoothie you can put the jar lid on and carry it along with you. Also, they are easier to clean than a blender.

Nutribullets are good at making smoothies, dips, sauces, salad dressings, and cocktails. If you are choosing to have healthy smoothies regularly, then you should invest in a nutribullet with a high-powered motor.

Is Nutribullet any better than a blender?

Nutribullet is better than a blender as it is designed in a specific way that allows it to blend fruits and vegetables into the smoothest form possible. All blenders aren’t capable of doing the same. To get the best purees, a blender needs to have a good motor and good blades to blend the fruits and vegetables, which all blenders do not have as they come with various functions and capacities.

There are quite a few advantages that a nutribullet has over a blender:

  1. It is specially designed to make smoothies.
  2. It can blend frozen fruit very well for smoothies which all blenders are not capable of doing.
  3. It can even crush ice cubes very well and incorporate them into the smoothie.
  4. It is easy to use as well.
  5. Nutribullet is far easier to clean than a blender as the blade is out of the jar.
  6. Also, a nutribullet has a blade smaller than that of a blender, thus the food gets cleaned easily.
  7. Nutribullet saves time as once you are done making the smoothie you can drink straight from it and comes with a lid that you can carry with you!
  8. Some nutribullets have a juicer attachment as well, which allows you to make smoothies as well as juices.
  9. You can make dips, sauces as well as salad dressings.

Thus, if you are interested in making smoothies regularly and living a healthy life, you should buy a nutribullet over a blender.

When to Choose a blender Over a Nutribullet?

A nutribullet is good at performing some of the functions better than a blender such as crushing ice, pulverizing nuts and small seeds, blending fibrous vegetables such as kale, and making smoothies. All blenders do not have powerful motors or blades to perform these functions smoothly and this is where a nutribullet scores over a blender.

However, there are many blenders with good blades and powerful motors 1000 W and above. Which can perform many functions of a nutribullet such as making smoothies, pulverizing nuts to incorporate them in smoothies, or making nut butter.

Nutribullets, as they are called personal blenders, are mostly single-serve, unlike blenders, they do not have a jar capacity. Thus, if you would like to make large batches, then a blender is what you are looking for. Blenders also perform various other functions this is another area that they score over nutribullets. As you would not like to have many kitchen appliances performing similar functions occupying your counter space.

If you want to make smoothies in your blender then you need to buy a blender with good motor blades and high-powered motor.

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