Hamburger V/S Steakburger[Which Is Better?]

Ever wondered what a steakburger is?
Is it just another beef burger?
Or, is it a gourmet burger?

A steakburger is a premium burger compared to a hamburger which aims to enhance the experience of having a burger. As steakburgers use premium cuts of marbled meat which has plenty of fat content that allows the meat to turn super tender and flavourful as compared to the meat in a hamburger.

In this article, we aim to understand the primary difference between a hamburger and a steakburger. Also, understand in depth the kind of meat that is used in a steakburger and if every ground beef can qualify as a hamburger.

Difference Between Hamburger and Steakburger?

The table lists the differences between hamburgers and steakburgers and specifically the kind of meat that is used in making both burgers.

Sr. No.HamburgerSteakburger
1.It is essentially a sandwich made with a ground beef patty.It is a sandwich like the Hamburger with the difference in the meat used for the patty.
2.Hamburgers are specifically made with cheaper cuts of meat such as chuck, round, and sirloin. Sometimes shreds of primal cuts of meat might be incorporated but that totally depends on the quality of the patty that is desired.Steakburgers are made with one or more primal cuts of meat such as the t-bone, sirloin, and ribeye.
3.The hamburger patty isn’t as tender and lacks a depth of flavor compared to a steakburger.  The steakburger meat that is used is more muscular and has fat sandwiched in it giving a marbled effect and thus is superbly tender with loads of flavor.
4.Marbled meat is not used in hamburgers. Beef fat is added separately to make the patty tender.The marbled premium cuts of meat come in three varieties – prime, choice, and select. Steakburgers can be, made from any of the above or a composition of the above.

What Is The Definition Of A Steakburger?

Steakburger is essentially a sandwich that has steak meat sandwiched between two round buns. It is similar to a hamburger with the exception of steak being used as the meat as opposed to ground beef which is typically used to make a traditional hamburger. suggests that the first steakburger was invented in 1934 in the United States. The term steakburger has been around since the 1920s and various versions of it have appeared before.

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What Meat Is A Steakburger?

Steakburgers used premium quality meat such as the t-bone or the rib eye. This particular meat is marbled which means it has fat and the muscular part synced together in such a way that it gives a marble effect to the meat. Hence, called marbled meat. There are three varieties of marbled meat- Prime, Choice, and Select.

Any of them or any composition of the above three varieties of marbled meat can be used and there is no defined composition in which they should be used. When the marbled meat hits a hot griddle or a pan, the white part of the meat which is fat instantly melts and gets incorporated with the muscular parts.

Which leaves hollow pockets, as well as softens the muscular parts of the meat. The end result is meat that turns out especially tender and superbly flavourful. Thus, this creates a rich burger and enhances your culinary experience.

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What Is Hamburger Steak?

Hamburger Steak is the original ground beef patty, that was made by the Germans in the 19th Century. They were also called ‘Hamburgs’ since they originated in a small German seaport Town called Hamburg. Eventually, over time these patties began to be combined with round buns giving rise to the dish which we now know as the hamburger.

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It is very similar to Salisbury steak with the exception being that Hamburger Steak has only salt and pepper, incorporated in the mix. Whereas, a Salisbury steak has a variety of spices and breadcrumbs in it.

Unlike burgers, hamburger steak can be served with various side portions such as creamy mashed potatoes, buttered noodles, roasted vegetables, and even mac n cheese.

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Can Any Ground Beef Be Hamburger?

All Hamburger meat is ground beef, however, all ground beef does not qualify to be hamburger meat. This is primarily due to the fact that hamburger meat contains beef fat added to it. Whereas, ground beef does not have beef fat added in.

The percentage of beef fat added can not be more than 30% to qualify the meat as hamburger. Ground beef is usually labeled as lean meat as the meat is lean and does not have more than 20% fat in it.

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