Fried Chicken Breast Vs Thigh [Which should you Choose?]

You have the perfect recipe for fried chicken and wondering which part of the chicken should you use for frying?

Well, you are in the perfect place. Here, in this article, we shall look into which part of the chicken you should choose for frying and

Choosing chicken thighs over breasts for fried chicken is recommended since thighs are more tender and moist and also have more fat in comparison to breasts. Thus chicken thighs turn out to be juicier and more flavorful which is more desirable compared to breasts that tend to dry upon frying.

Let us look at some of the differences between a chicken thigh and a chicken breast which will give us a better understanding of why it is advisable to choose a chicken thigh over breasts for fried chicken.

What is the difference between a Chicken Thigh vs Breast for frying

Sr. No.Chicken ThighsChicken Breasts
1More tender as the leg muscle is workedThe white meat of chicken is generally tougher in texture.
2Flavorful as have more fatNot as flavorful and tasty as thighs.
3JuicierThey tend to be drier
4Does not easily overcookChicken breasts tend to overcook when fried for longer durations
5Smaller in sizeBigger than the thighs
6Need not be pounded to flatten themBig chicken breasts are difficult to cook


Chicken thighs and legs are considered dark meat of chicken as they are darker in color due to the myoglobin presence which stores oxygen in its muscles and gives it a dark color. Other parts of the chicken are whiter compared to the thighs and legs. The legs and thighs work the most making the leg muscle tender compared to the breast.


Chicken legs and thighs have more fat content than the breast and since more fat means more flavor hence they are more flavorful and tasty and a much better option compared to the chicken breast for a fried chicken recipe Due to the presence of fat chicken thighs also tend to be juicier than chicken breasts, as well as retain the moistness even after undergoing the frying process.


The size of the chicken breast as well as the thighs differ. Chicken breasts are larger and bulkier than thighs. They also do not have a bone so are good for recipes where boneless chicken meat is required. Thighs however are more suitable for recipes such as burgers where the size is adequate as well as the meat is tender and juicier.

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Which Parts of Chicken is The Best for Deep Frying?

The most common and popular parts of the chicken that are used in frying are drumsticks, wings, and thighs. Out of these the best part for frying are the drumsticks and thighs. They cook quickly and taste delicious.

Popular British Chef Jamie Oliver suggests that chicken thighs are arguably the tastiest part of the chicken. The meat is tender and juicy and can be brought bone in or bone out or with skin on or skin off.

Another website delves into the reasons why most restaurants choose chicken breasts over thighs for their fried chicken sandwiches. Even though most chefs agree that chicken thighs are more juicier and flavourful than breasts.

When Chef David Chang from the Momofuku group launched his signature fried chicken sandwich at Fuku it was made with chicken thighs however, growing requests from customers for a sandwich with white meat inspired them to come up with another version of the fried chicken sandwich. However, the original version of the sandwich still remains on the menu.

The choice of chicken breasts over thighs is more because many Americans believe chicken breasts to be healthier than chicken thighs.

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Tips for Frying Boneless Breasts or Bone-in Chicken Thighs?

Boneless and Bone in Chicken are both good for a fried chicken recipe. Chicken breasts are boneless and chicken thighs can be fried with bone or with the bone removed. Both taste great.

However, there are a few things to keeping mind while frying a bone-in or boneless chicken.

  1. Bone-in Chicken takes a little longer to fry compared to a boneless one. This is mainly because a lot of heat gets absorbed by the bone in the cooking process. So add about 3 -5 minutes more to the cooking process while frying bone-in chicken.
  2. Chicken breasts tend to overcook and taste dry and rubbery. Thus you will have to carefully monitor them while frying.
  3. Also, do not take huge chunky pieces of chicken breasts while frying as they won’t cook all at the same time, resulting in parts that are partially cooked.
  4. Not considering the right pan for frying chicken also greatly impacts the frying process and the quality of the fried chicken.
  5. Also, one of the most important aspects of a good fried chicken is not just good quality oil but also the temperature of the oil that the chicken is first introduced to for frying. The oil should neither be too hot to burn the coating and chicken nor too low as the chicken will not fry well resulting in a soggy fried chicken.

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